Spy probe? Japan launches rocket carrying ‘info gathering’ satellite ??

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A rocket carrying satellite that will gather information was launched from Tanegashima space center, Japan. The satellite will gather information for Japanese government, yet, further details are unknown
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  1. shen spen 8 months ago

    USofA launches Spy probe from Japan !…

  2. Ian Whiteley 8 months ago

    Satalights and the space station orbit the equator you aint gona see jack dude

  3. taburdine1 8 months ago

    the US in Japan are spying on North Korea before the attack they. are cowards. They got to spy on them first before they attack them

  4. John Bates 8 months ago

    We do, so why can't they? Do we own the patent on spy satellites? Grow up ….. Everyone does it, and then points at everyone else to deflect ….. jeez!

  5. Imouto 9Gagger 8 months ago

    Japan, please stop your research on sex droid and start populating yourself

  6. Ade Larsen 8 months ago

    Long live Japan, Japanese society, Culture and the Japanese people.

  7. xXKillaBGXx 8 months ago

    Doesn't every satellite gather info? What makes this one a spy and the others not?

  8. mikey craig 8 months ago

    so funny people think theres a dome above us hahaha is this the trueman show hahha

  9. John Skogman 8 months ago


  10. gotip58 8 months ago

    Nice, congrats on Japan's successful launch… 🙂

  11. Rabi Ben Lavi 8 months ago

    International law won't let them have anime kiddie porn on server on Earth, so they are going to avoid the laws and put it up in space. The EU are going to do the same with a Polish nazi space porn server.

  12. Jack Johnson 8 months ago

    Thank you RT I was born in America but not proud of it we have nothing but terrorists running our government. pretty bad when I trust your news over the fake stream media in America thank you for the good work keep it up.

  13. Armesis P 8 months ago

    Focus on what the DHS and zionist CIA are doing to their own citizens and the rest of the world first. Eg – The Pine Gap spying facility is exclusively run by CIA in Alice Springs, Australia.

  14. Giggling Bibb 8 months ago

    RT turning into msn bullshit propaganda again

  15. Groundskeeper Willie 8 months ago

    Faker than Trump's fear based support of 6 zion gazillion 🙂

  16. Pedro lança 8 months ago

    Satellite? lol ! There go´s another Kamikaze rocket…

  17. ER S. 8 months ago

    The rocket-box and earth it hours a thought face i'm we hacker to the days mind leaders it notice too

  18. Divergent Evolution 8 months ago

    Unless you plan on using it to gather info on how to stop poisoning the entire world with your greed via fukushima then it is a waste of money. Japan should be barred from intl trade until they clean up Fukushima, it was their choice to build a radioactive pit right beside a tsunami prone coastline.

  19. TruthMagnet P 8 months ago

    Looks like a very expensive firework , i hope they can recover it from the Pacific because it was clearly going in that direction ..

  20. Dave Castle 8 months ago

    and….close cut ..just before reaches … "space"

  21. Richtel 77 8 months ago

    de rakete macht ein bogen und plumpst ins wasser alles fake

  22. Big Lebowski 8 months ago

    So its ok if the Japanese launch rockets, but god forbid the evil north Koreans do the same..

  23. TheLight 8 months ago

    Since U.S nuke Japan in WW2 Japan surrendered everything to Zionist Rothschilds America Japan is not a independent country anymore own by Rothschilds bankers

  24. no me acuerdo 8 months ago

    come on who belive this crap, you are not going anywhere flying horizontal "space"is up there, they just fly like ballistic.misiles and probably end in the very big ocean

  25. TheRobo1997 8 months ago

    Go Japan 🙂 Defending itself against the DPRK and protecting its peace and security

  26. F. Tonkonst 8 months ago

    Isn't it your job to find out? Is this a joke? A news source posting question marks and not knowing is kinda odd.

  27. burrito64burrito64 8 months ago

    Kim-Jung treats his people so badly, and I don't understand why North Korea is still trying to take over South Korea.
    It's Not Going To Happen EVER

  28. thatoneguy33198 8 months ago

    Quick question, are you all retarded?

  29. TheAmericasBailey 8 months ago

    Another sideways flying rocket…

  30. sheepbull 8 months ago

    sneaky japs

  31. Brett Moore 8 months ago

    as many rockets go out into space not one has video pointing up and not edited. seems,easy enough. I guess 300 dollar camera puts over budget

  32. Len Page 8 months ago

    that rocket would just about fit up obama's rectum.

  33. Come Visit Waikiki 8 months ago

    it's so they can see how many of their people glow in the dark

  34. 5haman 8 months ago

    I think Japan is preparing an invasion on Australia..

  35. anothercbrowner 8 months ago

    maybe they just want to keep an eye on n korea…

  36. Me hear this is on Top Secret Mission to planet Nibiru !

  37. Without prejudice 8 months ago

    Funny how your satellite TV doesn't work when the dish isn't pointing at the satellite. Why dont you stupid flat earthers just fuck off?

  38. cruh 8 months ago

    up up up up down down down

  39. Valik Toma 8 months ago


  40. Riyaz Hanis 8 months ago

    Are you sure this one going to the space. looks like it took wrong turn.

  41. yet another name 8 months ago

    Ah So! Velly velly lice banzai expless! Sushi special tonight only; buy one spy satellite, get free US support!

  42. Peter Panino 8 months ago

    Why Japan can launch missiles and North Korea cannot?

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