3 people dead in Hawaii high-rise apartment fire

  1. Nicholas Brewer 2 weeks ago


  2. Agent O J 2 weeks ago

    Surely the older buildings have to keep up with the current building reg's reguardless of year it was built….. thats just stupid if they dont.

  3. Faken Name 2 weeks ago

    Just have a judge rule that these fire can't happen. Problem solved.

  4. Bob Cancook 2 weeks ago

    And the buildings did not collapse like all those in NY. Interesting ain't it

  5. PyroEnderSlayer 2 weeks ago

    Only 3? We strongly have better buildings in comparison to London.

  6. David Holcomb 2 weeks ago


  7. 1994CPK 2 weeks ago

    the japs did it

  8. Zephyr Trading 2 weeks ago

    whites are inbred pedophiles

  9. RYC 09 2 weeks ago


  10. Kebelung Dengerenger 2 weeks ago

    Used to visit my buddy in that building when I was in Hawaii. It's called the Marco Polo.

  11. Derrick Do 2 weeks ago

    Our hearts are with you!!!!!

  12. richard moore 2 weeks ago

    After all the media attention to the fire at Grenfell apt block in Britain, you'd think that apt block owners around the globe would pay attention to safety features for their buildings.

  13. pipegarmich 2 weeks ago

    If not a sprinkler system , several fire extinguishers should given to all residents

  14. onlythewise1 2 weeks ago

    Obama was there  he lighted a fart  and the whole place caught on fire

  15. artistic endeavors 2 weeks ago

    That must be where Obama's real birth certificate was stored.

  16. Nwalker Rnicole 1 week ago

    notice how this fire stayed contained in one area of the building and wasnt rapidly spread like the one in london…wonder what they said the cause was of both fires?

  17. Kaumaha kēia. Auwe. E ke Akua e ho'opōmaika'i i kēnā mau po'e. Auwe

  18. Nwalker Rnicole 1 week ago

    why dont they just design these buildings with steel plates in between each floor,bricks between rooms so it doesnt spread. need faster and more clever fire excapes, like an emergency slide or something. they really do need to redesign these things to be safer.

  19. Blu Rox22 Js5 1 week ago

    Honolulu Hawaii LAND OF THE POT HOLES

  20. Daryl Leckt 1 week ago

    not to worry.
    investors wont be affected.

  21. fake abc news, this is what fake news resorts to reporting when another so called scandal against trump explodes in their lying fucking faces…

  22. Wesley Russell 1 week ago

    Everyone shouting fake news don't have a voice of their own. They regurgitate everything they hear from trump . I asked a trump supporter what's the difference between affordable care act and Obamacare and he said obamacare is worse 😂😂. Stupid republicans don't even know the difference

  23. Stay Postive 1 week ago

    R.I.P just imagine if that was you.

  24. Johnny Blaze 1 week ago

    Time to install fire sprinklers now.

  25. David Jerome 1 week ago

    That's very awful! Yes, where was the fire suppression? What happened to the water sprinklers? Oh my god, they never put water sprinklers in!

  26. pretty weird how none of these buildings that catch fire collapse in on it's own footprint at freefall speed in under 7 seconds like building 7 on 9/11 did.

  27. puglover 1 week ago

    First world problems..

  28. JC #1 1 week ago

    prob just another Hillary Clinton hit job !!! poor Seth , and her other 100 collueges that got too close and knew too much, that comitted suicide by two gunshots to the back of the head …
    go trump !!!
    Trey Gowdy 2020

  29. zigyzigy13 1 week ago

    Remember, if you are "wicked" at this end times, you are going to have a bad luck known as Karma. I warned you, white people.

  30. Joey A 1 week ago

    I live 2 units next to the unit from where the fire started. The owner confided in me that he started the fire just to see what happens. Simple as that. When I heard it, I thought his brain was a little out of order.

  31. Broken Heart 1 week ago

    9-11 was inside job by Mossad . The NYPD capture a group of Israelites in a van full with explosives but they release them cause of state department.

  32. Biscuits and Gravy 1 week ago

    Everybody knows Hawaii is not part of Murica, k?
    It's just to make the stars line up on the flag.

  33. Rakesh Bruh 1 week ago

    Splash fire resistance potion?

  34. Qasim khan 1 week ago

    whether the Gov. has taken step to find the actual culprits

  35. Qasim khan 1 week ago

    whether the Gov. has taken step to find the actual culprits

  36. Millie's Kwaii Show 1 week ago


  37. Light House 1 week ago

    Yeah there probably should be law for the old buildings to have sprinklers!!!

  38. Mad People 1 week ago


  39. danny illidan 1 week ago

    illuminati israel satarn kick Church of Satan of america

  40. Max Welter 1 week ago

    Good Morning America is like a fucking gameshow. It's hard to take any of these hack journalists seriously.

  41. Manuel Arriola 1 week ago

    I know who did it

  42. Madison Eclectic 1 week ago

    Wait a minute.  Just like that big apartment fire in London, this building didn't collapse pancake-style into its own footprint.  I thought that was the inevitable outcome now?

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