Hong Kong and China: A complicated relationship – Talk to Al Jazeera

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On Talk to Al Jazeera we look at the Umbrella Movement and ask if Communist China can be trusted to run the world’s freest economy.
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  1. Mark S 4 months ago

    Brits love to mocking Chinese people

  2. Shrappnells 4 months ago


  3. B Smith 4 months ago

    Democracy is mob rule. A Constitutional Rebublic protects the minority, and uses the democratic process to choose leaders and laws.

  4. far out 4 months ago

    The heart and soul of China was sucked out when the communists took power, Chinese culture was destroyed by Mao and destruction is the only thing the CPC understands.

  5. MrAdonis258 4 months ago

    Its like a force marriage of big fat disgusting dude with a pretty young wife. The wife deserve better..

  6. Kering Quesada 4 months ago

    The Chinese Communist Party is an international disease that the world needs to purge once and for all, they are corrupting governments all over the world, Latin America, Australia, England, North Corea, there is no limit for their ambition.


  8. Frank Zhou 4 months ago

    India is the largest democratic nation in the world,it has kept its democratic system for decades, we will think about being a democratic country once India has surpassed China in every aspect of life.

  9. eric vulgate 4 months ago

    the british really hung these people out to dry.

  10. ENCHONG LIU 4 months ago

    this world is not about right or wrong, democracy or communism. these politicl ideologies were creating by our human being, its about how to use it

  11. Hameshsa Khush Satya 4 months ago

    Hong Kong xitizens should start movemwnt for independence from the brutal regime of China. They will find support from overseas Hong Kong citizens and as well as other suporters in West and imternational locations.

  12. Santiago Bron 4 months ago

    Independence for Hong Kong

  13. Santiago Bron 4 months ago

    Hong Kong and Taiwan should get nukes.

  14. ed yue 4 months ago

    Why doesn't anyone mentioned that Hong Kong only came about because of Opium from Britain and Hong Kong's main aim was to make Great Britain richer. Chinese people living in Hong Kong faced a very high level of discrimination from the WHITES and never had one election under the British. This documentary is pretty close to FAKE NEWS.

  15. Eros Kasikantiris 4 months ago

    Hong Cong needs to quickly realize that “democracy” does not mean freedom, it means foreign capitalist domination.

  16. Karl Jiang 4 months ago

    ok, let a young kid be a political leader and a spotlight that's so easy.

  17. Gina Kay 4 months ago


  18. Billy The-Kid 4 months ago

    Democracy for Hong Kong! ✊️
    Never trust PRC China!

  19. Ten Bears 4 months ago

    Hong Gong!

  20. Jie Huang 4 months ago

    If u Hate China,then go to Your Motherland Great Britain.they will probably receive you again.And if Mainland controls Hongkong,why you still hav chance to express ur thought freely and democracy is allowed there.It's time to wake up,Soviet is a vivd example to China.

  21. jojoinhere 4 months ago

    this is a pile of biased bullshit

  22. Garden City 4 months ago

    The Chinese government seems to fear it's citizens they can't even choose candidates in local elections. Why not?

  23. Yungrei Shimray 4 months ago

    why cant western not mind their own business?…always meddling in others affairs with bad intention…very shameless always judging others not looking at their actions ….. WESTERN the real terrorist indeed.

  24. the media wont tell u ,these hongkong freedom fighter insult chinese are inferior race, should be extinct by japan in ww2.

  25. Amit Kumar 4 months ago

    No! You can't trust China.

  26. Twin Turbine 4 months ago

    Independence for Hong Kong.

  27. The aussie patriot 4 months ago

    China will enforce strict communist dictatorship inside Hong kong. they cannot afford it to become a beacon for the rest of china if they allow hong kong to become a democratic island in Dictatorship china.

  28. Rony Nair 4 months ago

    he wil be soon in prison

  29. kl wies 4 months ago

    LOL the joke is Communist China wants to push policies of Welfare State and Social Housing while Li Ka Shing is absolutely against it. The anger of the Hong Kong kids are correct except the system that failed them is on the Rich Elite in Hong Kong not the Communist.

  30. Ernest Kwok 4 months ago

    should HKers need an election to vote for their chief executive, the CCP would just send/import/pour in more mainlander immigrants over to HK to make sure the CCP's preferred candidate will win.

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