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The Smiley Face is the world’s Number One emoji. It earns its copyright holder over a hundred million pounds a year. But the man who first came up with it lost out big-time. BBC presenter Aaron Heslehurst tells the bitter-sweet story behind the Smiley.

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  1. ? ? 4 months ago

    A gold mine,… I bet someone hasn't made the mistake, not to copyright the Emoji.

  2. Thesus 4 months ago

    do you not have any real news such as more information on those acid attacks

  3. O God This Guy is sucks like CNN Richard Quest.

  4. Alicia Pagan 4 months ago


  5. Jean D 4 months ago

    Who has copyright on the turd emoji?

  6. John P 4 months ago

    Are YOU ready for Jesus Christ and judgement day?

  7. Tahir Rana 4 months ago

    BBC= CNN!

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