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In South Korea, children of mixed race can be called “mongrels”. But Han Hyun-min didn’t let racism stop him.

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  1. Bill 2 months ago

    Why do we continue to focus on skin color so much ? If we want a society which is colorblind, and treat everyone the same no matter the skin color why do we put people in groups according to skin color.

    We should only have culture groups, I am a Afro-American culturally at heart but my skin color is white.
    Why is it possible to change gender but not culture ?
    Culture appropriation is something I can't understand, so if anyone do please holla at me.

  2. Bill 2 months ago

    Why don't BBC call Japan and south Korea out, for the xenophobic/racist attitudes ?
    House owners may not rent to you because of skin color without repercussions. (Japan)

  3. J.J. Swann 2 months ago

    South Koreans are almost as rascist as tory mps.

  4. bhau rai 2 months ago

    u know why his mom married a nigerian? because she got bored with smarr korean dick hahahaha! herro asian sruts!

  5. Malgorzata Tyl 2 months ago

    Orientals are incredibly racist, especially amongst those of mixed oriental white, or oriental black parentage. Americans learned this in the aftermath of both the Korean, and especially Vietnamese War. Several good television documentaries were done in the States on the ABC Network approximately thirty years ago, and I am still trying to locate any copies of said program. If you know of any, please message back…..not much on BBC!

  6. cary bary 2 months ago

    You've already done this video a hundred times. Somali ballet dancer.etc

  7. kakibackup2 Koujo 2 months ago

    Mixing is unnatural= no diversity.

  8. TheCausation 2 months ago

    Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

  9. John Robinson 2 months ago


  10. albaner 42mol 2 months ago

    i was looking for big black cocks but i can live with this

  11. ugaas wiilhoog 2 months ago

    He is not black he is mixed, stop trying to kill off the black race.

  12. Michael Mariner 2 months ago

    There is nobody worse than the Zionist Jews for Racism & Hate..
    That's why the U.S & Britain's Corrupt government sucks a Dick.

  13. food 2 months ago

    how about more asian models in the u.s rather than bringing Africa models to south korea………

  14. TheRealeast Chick 2 months ago

    so he's not black…he's mixed race..smh

  15. Stop killing your own race

  16. AngerySpheesMarheen 2 months ago

    Oh look, another race-baiting news report.

  17. Brouhaha Ma 2 months ago

    Beautiful! He has such a unique look! I'm sure it was very difficult to find he doesn't look similar to the people around him, but what a brave guy to persist and move through it. Best wishes!!

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