France seeks to resolve Gulf political crisis

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France seeks to resolve Gulf political crisis

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is visiting Gulf Arab countries in a bid to find a solution to the region’s political crisis that has fueled a land, air and sea blockade against Qatar.

Le Drian is now in the United Arab Emirates after visiting Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

He is just one of the high-level diplomats wanting to find a way to end the isolation of Qatar by its neighbours – who accuse it of supporting terrorism.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports.

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  1. Amir Fahmi 4 months ago

    Jew control France for Israel.

  2. Billy Graham 4 months ago

    just cancel investments and own it as sate property if some nations have links with terrorists officially

  3. gwen 4 months ago

    even Qatar will seek helpto all the countries and 7 Continents of the world to remove the blockade. and stop the Tensions..Saudi. and GCC countries will Not step down and remove the blockaded unless Qatar will accept the demands.

  4. Robert None 4 months ago

    It needs a 100 megaton solution.

  5. OsamaBinLiften 4 months ago

    All of this Arab division is allowing Iranian influence into the Gulf and Levant. There is no American, Israeli, or European plot to weaken the Arabs…We weaken ourselves!

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