Kabul’s American university students defiant despite violence

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One of Afghanistan’s most prestigious universities has held a graduation ceremony despite killings and kidnappings over the past year.

The staff and students of the American University of Afghanistan are determined to stand up to the threat of violence.

Al Jazeera’s Jennifer Glasse reports from Kabul.

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  1. Peter Peter 1 week ago

    Respect for those who don't yield to terror

  2. gthreesix 1 week ago

    Congrats to Afghan CIA recruits 2017!

  3. JETJOOBOY 1 week ago

    why was Land of Hope & Glory plating at the start?

  4. M. Howard 1 week ago

    Iron man?

  5. Maxmud Xareed 1 week ago

    A canter for brainwashing,while taking advantage of their poverty ,so that they can be puppets who work for them

  6. NyandUsaPolitics 1 week ago

    That country is CRAZY! I wonder how much debt they are in and if the degrees even do anything.. Or everyone in Kobul wants 2 years experience on top of the degree so its worthless? That's what they do to you in USA.

  7. Afghan 1 week ago

    The tuition fees at AUAF are ridiculous. I cannot imagine any average Afghan – apart from the children of the thieves and crooks who are in power – being able to attend this institution.

  8. Dick Cheney 1 week ago

    All students should carry a long gun to be on the safe side.

  9. lee zeo 1 week ago

    All afghan's are terrorist

  10. kuwait85 1 week ago

    I Respect these students and profs

  11. Ruwinda F'do 1 week ago

    you are million times better than me……/respect…..!!!

  12. AYEMAQ 1 week ago

    this university is producing cia agents and colonial students who love to see americunt occupation of afghanistan

  13. Syr!an Girl 1 week ago

    They should get rid of the name "American", it stands for trash.

  14. Khaled Haddemine 1 week ago


  15. wakomaniac45 1 week ago

    may your dreams be your only limits

    cheers from California

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