Mongolia, with Japanese backing, to focus on renewable energy

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Mongolia is feeling the effects of climate change more than most countries, with temperatures rising at twice the rate of the global average.

The country’s first commercial solar plant is now supplying the central electricity grid.

Funded by Japan, part of a bilateral emissions reduction programme, it is seen as a big boost to Mongolia’s renewable-energy sector.

That is caused a shift from coal to renewables, changing the lives of many nomadic families.

Al Jazeera’s Pearly Jacob reports from Salkhit, Mongolia.

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  1. Veronica Reed 2 months ago

    This is great news! Thanks for this report. We really appreciate your network!

  2. aljanat5 2 months ago

    Japans military engineers and mining corporations should move in on Outer Moongolian mineral prospects and sponsor eco tourism in the vales and steppes of the plains. Qatar could supply LNG gas and Japan the heavy equipment although it would need serious adjustments to safely run on compressed natural gas. a 3 party mining conglomerate?

  3. ReturnoftheBrotha 2 months ago

    original Turks.

  4. Syafiq Zaid 2 months ago

    mongolia is one of large land country.why nobody invest in their country??

  5. chalo Paul 2 months ago

    yet japan is building massive coal powerplanta…

  6. JEFFREY ANG 洪 2 months ago

    Don't be naive, the bigger your population, the harder you can depend on solar power and wind power. Even Germany failed to do so.

  7. BeeFriendlyApiary 2 months ago

    The longer modern humans resist renewables the shorter our prosperity will be!!!!

  8. Peter Mongoose 2 months ago

    Excellent Change ! Congratulations Mongolia and Japan !

  9. JJ K 2 months ago

    Solar Mongol Horde 😮

  10. Landon Thomas 2 months ago

    happy to see the improvements!

  11. Syr!an Girl 2 months ago

    great idea

  12. ABCantonese 2 months ago

    Large open bare land where no one lives and no foreigner wants to visit = renewable opportunity. Perhaps Japan should invest in some greenhouses there too if they can get some water.

    But how are they going to supply energy to Japan? Good luck getting anything through the DMZ.

  13. jay kay 2 months ago

    very scenic country.

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