The farmer helping to cut cow farts – BBC News

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Emissions – belches and farts – from cows’ digestive systems have a big impact on global warming. This Kenyan farm is doing something about it.
A film by Richard Kenny for BBC World Hacks. Like, Share, Engage.

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  1. Meow Dog 4 months ago


  2. 0 0 4 months ago

    England is my city
    Cows do shit shitty

  3. Donald J. Trump 4 months ago

    Me: i wonder what Michelle Obama doing after being first lady for 8 years

  4. John Krontiris 4 months ago

    BULLSHIT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If you're actually interested in talking about climate change, watch 'Ben Shapiro – how to debate climate change' on youtube.

  6. Monika Sierpińska 4 months ago

    stop product placement

  7. Alex Moyses 4 months ago

    So. I believe we need more humans beings that Cows around the world, ok ?. And what Christinne our the people tha fighting could to do for reduce the methane by humans beings ? I don't understand this logic, but ….

  8. Bad music and cringe

  9. Hughjarce153 4 months ago

    Human caused Climate change is just a fraud to bilk billions out of people. Even if it was true, what could they do about it even if they had all the money in the world?

  10. aljanat5 4 months ago

    The white liberal dream, a couple of she wogs holding hands in Africa while they happily make money for whitey, send their kids to pro white schools, get taught pro white religion and boost the pro white corporations and countries reporting, financing and profiting from it all. Liberals are the most pernicious of the white devils peacetime machinations.

  11. AWResistance 4 months ago

    This is absolutely insane.

  12. Stefan.Florin Forgo 4 months ago

    yup to bad this is bullshit , the methane emissions ( 10% of global gas emission is a lowball estimate , the number is between 18% and 50% depending on you're source , all the cars in the world are responsible for 13% ) is just one of the catastrophic effects animal agriculture has on the planet , even if all the cows on earth (1 billion) were pasture raised and grass feed, the waste in water and land and the huge negative impact on the environment ( the cows shit and piss and bleed , all that "waste" is stored in lakes that at best are used for electricity with biogenerators and at worst are permitted to infiltrate te local water supply , think of a oil spill for evry factory farm ) wold still make them unsustainable and incredibly wasteful . The only place where the raising of cows would make sense is in regions where the local population has no other alternative , where it's ider cow milk and meat or starvation .
    For those that actually give a shit about the local and global environment the only true solution to avoid this disastrous drain on the wold environment is to go plant based .

  13. Godzilla McDolan 4 months ago

    So it's as simple as good food?
    Good food that costs just a few pennies more?
    Money truly does spin the world round

  14. J.J. Swann 4 months ago

    Ridiculous story 🤣

  15. Convict Prepper 4 months ago

    What a big pile of crap this is

  16. abdi yusuf 4 months ago

    what the hell. let the cows fart smh

  17. Khalid Dualeh 4 months ago

    You can literally see there bones!!!

  18. ASMR 4 months ago

    STOP EATING MEAT AND DAIRY. Her "partner" Danone can't even be bothered to build her a decent home. Shame on you BBC for the advertisement and biased reporting, as well as unchallenging Danone for the perpetuation of women financial abuse. Show us the home of former Danone chairman, Frenchman Mr Franck Riboud. A partnership needs to be fair – it is clear Danone is not being fair or acting with dignity.

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