At least 9 swimmers confirmed dead from flash flood in Arizona

  1. Maurice Aucoin 4 months ago

    For all the western people who downplayed what happened in Louisiana multiple times.

  2. Bryan Ibarra 4 months ago

    I live in Arizona. I was swimming in the rain like these people, but in my pool.

  3. Cool Breeze 4 months ago


  4. The_Noodle_Thief 4 months ago

    Swimmers that forget how to swim. Smh

  5. Animated Tigress 4 months ago

    Oh look a report on death. let's just jump on this news immediately

  6. Terri Gardner 4 months ago

    why wonder who's controlling the weather? I'm sure it's not GOD.

  7. Eligio Gunthair 4 months ago

    Omg so sorry…

  8. 847,628 views 4 months ago

    well on the bright side, 9, possibly 11 retards and their genetics taken out by flash flood

  9. gregory greg 4 months ago

    i live thailand

  10. GTA BAD COPS 4 months ago

    I didn't think they got much rain there! Guess I was wrong!

  11. Danbdanb bnadbnad 4 months ago

    noooooo !

  12. Danbdanb bnadbnad 4 months ago

    rest in peace folks

  13. Prisma Wolf 4 months ago

    It didn't even rain in my area djmsosjswbeido

  14. Frapo Chino 4 months ago

    Who the hell takes a 1 month old baby to a place like this? Just pure stupid

  15. Deon Hamp 4 months ago

    So why were they out there knowing a flash flood was coming,, can someone explain the intelligence,, Unfortunate deaths,, RIP to the loss ones,, still asking for a answer that shows thought into going near or out in the mist of this particular weather…

  16. Jelly Jams 4 months ago

    Nothing really happens in Arizona and it's pretty much boring here. The only thing we have is the Grand Canyon, Arizona Tea and old people. However our weather can get insane with temperatures as high as 120 degrees to flash floods and dust storms that could kill more than a handful of people. Arizona

  17. lps jasmine dreams2 4 months ago

    I saw this happen. I was there when this happened. I was in the same town as the people who died and went missing. now tell me that's not scary.

  18. el choya 4 months ago

    Fake news

  19. Lusty 4 months ago


  20. Harsh Pandora 4 months ago

    damn Arizona a hell hole 😂 I was on my way to Texas last year so I had to drive through arizona I rolled down my window for a couple seconds it felt like fire slapped me in the face the whole interior of my car became hot in a matter of seconds I damn near thought I had first degree Burns 😂😂

  21. Amazing Gamer 4 months ago


  22. Chris K. 4 months ago

    fuckinn apocalypse

  23. CAPTAIN 4 months ago

    Ew this is why I live in the Midwest

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