As Irma churns north, South Florida assesses damage

  1. JuukezeBarbie 2 months ago

    what then do they plan to do for the thousands stranded unable to return home?? we have so much more planning n organizing to do in leau of the next disaster

  2. Moritz Weber 2 months ago

    Tissue isolate lawyer powerful off trace range ring shopping AM

  3. AmericavJapan 1909 2 months ago

    The God and Jesus hate Donald trump and that's why the storm came to America

  4. AmericavJapan 1909 2 months ago

    No power, no water to open and the houses are damage because Donald trump hate science. And So The God strike down of all houses

  5. Random Guy 2 months ago

    NO SCHOOL !!!!!

  6. Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ 2 months ago

    People who choose to live by the ocean know to expect this.
    That man says " they have no right to make me leave" should have kept his ass there and gotten killed.
    One less complainer in the world.
    Are they actually going to blame the cops for this?
    Look at these beautiful homes without power.
    Poor things (sarcasm).

  7. GoldMan 2 months ago

    Rabbana wa laa tuhamil naa ma laa ta qata lana bihi wa fu anna wa agfir lana warhamnaa anta mawlana fansurna alal qawmil kaafireen…

  8. GoldMan 2 months ago

    The debate between Zakir Hussain and Dr James White is absolutely amazing..

  9. Gopal Balaji 2 months ago


  10. Big Wasabi 2 months ago

    Øøøøø hvad med at grave el ledningerne under jorden ( ja det kan også gøres under vandet ) som resten af den civiliserede verden ? Så ville dette aldrig være sket . Igen hvis man har tosser til at styre et land kan det hurtigt blive værre end et u land . Igen det er næsten 2018 . Dette ligner før stenalderen .

  11. Holy News 365 2 months ago

    bad weather!!

  12. vanwanderer 2 months ago

    There should be a price to living in these hurricane prone zones.and that price should be paid by its residents . easiest way to do that is taxing the fuel(locally)

  13. Ohmaly Swartz 2 months ago

    "I want to go home"… number one you probably don't have a home to go to, and number two, you should've thought about that before you moved to hurricane country dumbass.

  14. Eileen LeValley 2 months ago


  15. OMamaMia Poop 2 months ago


  16. flyback 2me 2 months ago

    THANKS HARP!!!!!!

  17. flyback 2me 2 months ago


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