Ex-husband charged with Houston real estate agent’s murder

  1. Dawayne Jordan 1 week ago

    Im first bitches

  2. Lynne Strayhorn 1 week ago

    It's always the ex…

  3. abdi yusuf 1 week ago

    Man why kill, fuckin dickhead

  4. Andy Griffin 1 week ago

    Wow what a twist, wouldn't have guessed it was her ex husband and father to her kids… But besides that It's bullshit that now tax payers have to pay for this guy until he gets paroled (which is also bullshit) instead of getting what he did to her done to him after his court case is finished.

  5. Olivia Baca 1 week ago

    Poor children suffer ….there goes another grandpa and grandma raising the children.

  6. lindsey cassano 1 week ago

    i knew that piece of shit did it

  7. Brittany Nicole 1 week ago

    Prayers for her Children && family 🙏 💝 Prayers For his family && his soul 🙏💝

  8. rota cetle 1 week ago

    I sure am glad the majority of killers are dumb enough not to completely scratch the body out of existence since it makes their capture far more probable.

  9. akui88 1 week ago

    the ex looks like a villain out of a comic book.

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