French Economy Minister courts UK finance industry ahead of Brexit

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France’s Economy Minister, Benjamin Griveaux, speaks to Ian King during a visit to London and discusses his hope that the UK’s financial institutions will choose Paris as a new European home after Britain leaves the EU. Ian askes him how many jobs he’s expecting to take back across the channel with him after his trip is over.

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  1. Jentul Jay 2 months ago

    Paris is more serious than Frankfurt in woeing financial services from London by building 21st century skyscrapers, some tax breaks and other better infrastructure that Frankfurt can only envy…Germans' austerity and quirkiness have made them losers from the start….

  2. london bristol 2 months ago

    London is ever green city no other city can take over LONDON

  3. Dunnlrs 2 months ago

    Wishful thinking

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