‘ Myanmar should take back their citizens ‘ – BBC News

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The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, has told the BBC that the government in Myanmar should not have let the army or their law enforcement agencies attack Rohingya Muslim villagers.
In a personal message to the Burmese leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, Sheikh Hasina said Myanmar should take the refugees back because they were “their people”.

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  1. David Blue 1 week ago


  2. Nishwar Mohtamin 1 week ago

    Extremely well said!!

  3. BestBloke 1 week ago

    Muslims don't want to take in there own

  4. Salim Ahmed 1 week ago

    well said…

  5. Vineel Morris 1 week ago

    kill all terrorist PIG's

  6. Islam is a death cult. Even their own Muslim countries dont want them lol. Abolish Islam.

  7. Kurt Boulter 1 week ago

    Saudi Arabia refuse to take any refugees because they fear terrorists are among them. Islamic countries want non Muslim countries to take Islamic refugees because they want Islam to spread, so this woman is demanding that Myanmar take back these terrorists but it is a different story when we ask you to take back your Islam scum from the west, you squeal like little piggies, "racist, Islamophobe, big meanie!" All Islamic hypocrites.

  8. April 1 week ago

    If they are Legal citizens, then they have rights.

  9. Modina Rime 1 week ago

    hole world is ssilent… atleast she is taking responsibility of food for those helpless people.. That is why I always respect our PM. we r not developed nation but we r big hearted nation…

  10. sandeep rawat 1 week ago

    if she said that they are human beings then why she refuse to accept those suffered human beings

  11. Mahabub Mahabub 1 week ago


  12. World Web Member 1 week ago

    এই রকম ঘটনার মাঝে যাওয়া উচিত,কিন্তু প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ হাসিনার জন্য মাঠে যাওয়া ঠিক না, আমি মনে করি, কারন BNP তারেক এর জন্য ভয় হয়,সে কখন আপনার ক্ষতি করে, দেশের বাহিরে আপনার নিরাপদ নাও থাকতে পারে, বিশেষ করে মায়ানমারে তো এমনি অনেক সমস্যা,আপনাকে হারলে ১৬ কোটি নয় লক্ষ কোটি মানুষ কন্না করবে,

  13. Omar Nadeem 1 week ago

    in one video, she said she couldnt keep the rohingyas becoz they take up resources meant for bangladesh. i dont like this woman

  14. World Web Member 1 week ago

    Such an incident should go in, but it is not okay to go to the field for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, I think, because BNP is fearing for Tariq, when he will harm you, you may not be safe outside the country, especially in Myanmar many problems , You will lose 16 million to millions million people,

  15. JamJND 1 week ago

    Hasina can go do one

  16. Prince Inc. 1 week ago

    Lolzz! No-one wants this Terrorists…!😂😂😂😂

  17. Cenk Uyger 1 week ago


  18. bangla 11 1 week ago

    যুদ্ধ করবো

  19. Mary Kinuthia 1 week ago

    Violence is of the devil, we reap what we sow!

  20. sim1 sim1 1 week ago

    I remember a few years ago seeing a documentary about the Rohingya muslims being the aggressors to the Buddhist community they were pushing the Buddhist traders out of business and taking over the villages and raping and beating the children. The Buddhist monks began helping their local people from these aggressions and now they seem to have prevailed and the muslim Rohingya have lost they are now called the oppressed. Muslims do this where ever they go around the world and when people stand up to them they cry victimhood.

  21. Alex Alamgir 1 week ago

    Rohingyas don't belong in Bangladesh. That's it

  22. Tourniquet Now 1 week ago

    Myanmar for buddhists!

  23. ISee Ghosts 1 week ago

    Hmm, such a big problem..

  24. Yeah if so then India would like to say to Bangladesh that Bangladesh should take back it's own citizens. That are illegally trespassing to India

  25. Grey Chip 1 week ago

    No Burma shouldn't take them back, BBC we don't care about your "pet victims".

  26. MNA Bhuiyan 1 week ago

    Where is the Aung San Suu Kyi . She was house arrest for 23 years and she knows the definition of democracy and she got Novel prize. As a human being I lost my respect on you and you are not near to others who fought for freedom of expression like Mandela or Luther king

  27. zia khan 1 week ago

    she is telling alie

  28. Varun Nagpal 1 week ago

    Kindly take back your 40 million illegal Bangladeshi Muslims from India and Millions of Rohingya Bangladeshi Muslims from Myanmar. Its after all a mess created by you Bangladeshi Muslims who enter neighboring countries illegally and then engage in Jihadi Terrorism against their hosts.

    India and Myanmar rejects this illegal resolution of Bangladesh parliament. You have a choice: either take them back or watch them suffer. Choice is yours

  29. lol lol 1 week ago

    Fuck Bangladesh

  30. TheCausation 1 week ago

    Looks like no one wants Muslims in their countries.

  31. Bob Hacker 1 week ago

    What does the minister plan to do for these poor people?why does the Muslim faith recognize them?

  32. Mihir Patel 1 week ago


  33. Jack Burton 1 week ago

    Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Where's the outrage with religious cleansing in the Middle East against Christians

  34. Bob Hacker 1 week ago

    Hey Stalin smiling read this is in Myanmar. You should read or at least to what the prime minister's saying.

  35. Benito Mussolini 1 week ago

    This is what DIVERSITY actually looks like. It DOESN'T work. Never has, never will. The fake diversity pushed on the world by globalists is the reason for most problems in the world today.

  36. Technical Seva 1 week ago

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  37. cary bary 1 week ago

    More emotional blackmail by the bbc

  38. John Mcdonnell 1 week ago

    Burma for the Burmese. Everyone should return to their country of origin, abolish all foreign travel. Close down all trade routes. Live and die where you were born! Then we'll see who's the greatest. My guess is it will be white people. Why? Because the rest are fooled by religion.

  39. Laxmi Poudel 1 week ago

    I don't know about other people but I am hating Ang Sang Suki😣

  40. somebuddycool 1 week ago

    Wait, when did we suddenly start caring about muslims?

  41. Gato Gate 1 week ago

    If I were one of those 1 per cent extremely rich in the world, then I would have a chat with Bangladesh Goverment Authorities and persuade them to have the rohingya back to their original land. I would create a village for them with all neccesary things for them to start a new. It's good for both the muslims to be in their own lands and culture.

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