Rohingyas in Bangladesh desperate for aid – BBC News

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Aid agencies say the refugees from Myanmar are in desperate need of food, shelter and medical aid, and that current resources are inadequate.

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  1. That Refugees gonna want to go to London , I bet in 20 year all people born in London are gonna look just like him LOL 🙂 you people at the BBC are a bunch of idiots…

  2. Mahabub Mahabub 2 months ago


  3. Chris 2 months ago

    Qatar is the richest country in the world, they should accept every Rohingya Muslim

  4. FOURTH REICH 2 months ago

    This is what happens when the evil named ISLAM reaches a peaceful society. BEWARE EVERY NON MUSLIM COUNTRY. Islam the cult of satan muhhamed hates all disbelievers

  5. Chris 2 months ago

    This is what happens when you invade non-Muslim land then violently try to establish Shariah law AND start raping non-Muslim women.

  6. Tourniquet Now 2 months ago

    Why does islam seek to destroy everything good in the world?

  7. 7H7H771 2 months ago

    'this is what hunger looks like' – shame for U.K
    로힝야족의 비극적 역사는 19세기 영국 제국주의의 미얀마 침탈과 분명히 관련이 있고,
    일정부분 영국에도 책임이 있음에도 불구하고,
    역사적 책임을 뒤로하고 이런 타이틀을 뽑는 BBC에 매우 실망임.
    중국의 해양진출을 위한 미얀마 라킨지역의 대규모 투자와
    군침을 흘리며 이를 바라보는 미얀마 군부, 경제적 이익집단의 라킨 선점의도, 미얀마 정치세력의 탐욕,
    보트피플에 대해 비인도주의적이었던 동남아시아 이슬람국가등
    현 로힝야의 비극적 상황의 책임은 그야말로 광범위하고 복합적.
    영국은 정의를 포장하는데 능숙하지만 진실로 정의로운지는 의문이다.

  8. Grey Chip 2 months ago

    Don't care, wherever muslims go trouble follows them.

  9. anilkumar4017 2 months ago

    poor people but their religion is not .. if we give in they will finish this world ..vulgar islam…. on one other than some terrorist nations and some shameless muslims are condemning it .even those stupid liberals are also not getting any takers . people who teach their children to cheat and kill deserve it

  10. Sree K 2 months ago

    While neighbouring countries not wanting stateless refugees is understandable, they should atleast provide aid as in food and other essential goods to these people.

  11. I feel bad for them. 😭

  12. Melquisedeque Lima 2 months ago


  13. Nick 2 months ago

    what a shitty place

  14. AngerySpheesMarheen 2 months ago

    Funny how when Islam is the victim, the BBC gives it more coverage


  15. Cod Father 2 months ago

    If you haven't eaten for days obviously your gonna go all crazy God gave all of us humans and instinct to survive people will Rob or do anything to survive it's a human instinct but obviously u white people have never been through difficulty like many of us third world countries so you won't understand

  16. karthi k 2 months ago

    is there any Westerns who welcome what Myanmar did.

  17. Travis Smith 2 months ago

    Quiz (For all the Muslims scrolling Down, Please give an HONEST answer)
    Answer in one word : Would you give two shits about the Rohingyas if they were not Muslims ?
    a) Yes
    b) No

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