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Eduardo Martins’ story was too perfect even for the world of internet celebrity.
The 32-year-old from Brazil said he had been abused as a child and beat leukaemia as a young adult.
But he had turned his life around and now worked as a UN photographer whose experiences helped him connect with human suffering in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones.
His work appeared in reputable international outlets such as Getty Images, The Wall Street Journal, Vice and BBC Brasil.
In between trips to Mosul in Iraq, the Syrian city of Raqqa under the control of so-called Islamic State (IS) and the Gaza Strip, Eduardo Martins enjoyed surfing.
He shared glimpses of his life with his almost 125,000 Instagram followers.
Until it all came crumbling down when a BBC Brasil investigation found out that Eduardo Martins was a completely fictitious character.

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  1. Madamczyk 1603 1 week ago


  2. vincent marandola 1 week ago


  3. The Addams 1 week ago

    A fictitious character.

  4. ObamaCancer 1 week ago


  5. Bret H 1 week ago

    Go Google operation Mockingbird and find out for yourself how much news is truly fake?

  6. gary abbot 1 week ago

    Hey bbc. You gonna apologise to Farage for being fake?

  7. cary bary 1 week ago

    Tell them about the props bbc news journalists.

  8. dhingchak123 1 week ago

    Has to be from brazil.. man i tell most of them are crooks liars cheats…

  9. Phil Dobson 1 week ago

    What's new? Conflict zone news is so often a dramatical propaganda production? Flood victims in Bangladesh can read TV film crew autocue and and be portrayed as conflict victims? Etc.

  10. Kuroi Kenshi 1 week ago

    If there was a book written many a year ago about this man, he wouldn't be called a fake anymore.

  11. The Plastic Paddy 1 week ago

    This is what modern liberals do….. Lie, virtue signal and play the victim when caught

  12. Kebab Removed 1 week ago

    Mainstream BBC and CNN are fake as fuck.

  13. The Plastic Paddy 1 week ago

    No, it was Clinton who came up with the term "fake news" get it right….

  14. Lijo Thomas 1 week ago

    Next time you put up a picture add a goddamn watermark to it

  15. Whyatt Charlie 1 week ago

    Where's the American news?

  16. Miele Rodriguez 1 week ago

    So the BBC lied about the Harlow murder of a Polish man blaming it on Hate and Nigel Farage. Turns out this was bollocks. DO NOT PAY THE TV TAX.

  17. Desiree Paahana 1 week ago


  18. Daniel Murphy 1 week ago

    This man would have a bright future with BBC or CNN

  19. Revoltingsheeple 1 week ago

    To all the people who think all mainstream media is fake news; why watch it? Just stick to your safe little echo chambers that confirm your more than likely bigoted world view and report far more opinion than fact. Go on; fuck off.

  20. Star fish 1 week ago

    BBC is talking about "fake news"
    what an irony.

  21. Clarence Boddicker 1 week ago

    Fuck the BBC stop paying for the TV licence

  22. Rouzbe Akhlaghi 1 week ago

    Hey BBC, nice move disabling the comments on the Digital Blackface video. REAAAALLY nice move.

  23. I think I'm going to have to move to Germany as a refugee, firstly you've all fucked the economy, you've fucked that up, secondly, on a daily daily daily basis I face persecution and flat out torture for have the mildest autism, I just cannot understand the social aspect of life at all, and the government refuses to help, I'm being written out of society, cleansed, its the only sensible answer, isn't it?

  24. I'm in a living hell, I've not been hugged or shown any affection for 13 years, the biological consequences of not reproducing, they're very harsh, I feel sick and have headaches all the time, I can see escorts, and the symptoms stop for 12 hours, what am I supposed to do?

  25. lars ulrich 1 week ago


  26. Sara Girard 1 week ago

    Killer limit feedback planet background joy heavily over

  27. He must be mentally retarded; he was also useless at what he
    was trying to do while he was trying to be a con artist

  28. Len Page 1 week ago

    bbc, famous for churning out fake news.

  29. Tam McDonnagh 1 week ago

    Warning, Russians, Trumplodytes, and wrong-wingers whining in the comment section.

  30. Tom 1 week ago

    BBC calling out fake news.

  31. GERRY ROBBERTSON 1 week ago

    Yes he has all the requisite skills to work for the BBC as a stepping stone of course to the top job as Tory campaign manager.

  32. aQmohra 1 week ago

    So just like most BBC journalists then?

  33. Darus Smins 1 week ago

    RT trolls all over BBC comment sections.

  34. rana t 1 week ago

    32 one step away from a full blooded freemason, bbc scumbags working towards rebuilding the temple. F u BBC fake news spinning ball Earth!

  35. HitManHey 1 week ago

    Three stories on the BBC web page about the i phone X right now, THREE and all on the first page!!!… and not one of them have a negative thing to say about that pile of garbage.
    I thought the BBC didn't advertise?!?
    Such an obvious pay off to promote the i phone X… Fake News Channel.
    Where's my cut? Where is the reduction in my TV licence fee seeing as the BBC is taking payments to give products positive exposure.

  36. Tourniquet Now 1 week ago

    BBC will hire this man immediately.
    Lying scum attract lying scum

  37. Zach Mcneil 1 week ago

    Kill him find n just kill the fcukin mofo. ~ !

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