What is it like to fly the RAF Typhoon jet? – BBC News

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It’s three years since RAF jets started to target so-called Islamic State in Iraq and almost two years since British pilots started attacking IS positions in Syria.
The BBC’s Defence correspondent Jonathan Beale has gone up in a Typhoon jet to find out how gruelling it is to be a member of the RAF fighter jet crew, who often endure eight-hour missions over Iraq and Syria.

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  1. Lps Crazy Llamas 2 months ago

    Thx for the news

  2. Infel mel 2 months ago


  3. Nonofya Bidnez 2 months ago

    Feed the war machine.

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  5. Ryan Oneill 2 months ago

    What is it like to be an innocent killed by bombs from this plane?

  6. on the bus a man has just boarded, and he has a large hoop eating, and a ridiculous amount of 4 inch ear hair, I want to say "maybe you should concentrate on removing the hair first" before pulling the earring out, and then maybe gouging out this mans eyes, not being able to do so is giving me a headache

  7. Carl,s Vlogs 2 months ago

    It takes 3 years to train someone on this amazing aircraft:}

  8. I believe myself to be a canary in a coal mine, an intelligent person that isn't really useful anymore and can't satisfy natural desires, as society becomes less equal this will spread, leading to a societal structure like the dysfunctional ones seen in the middle east which led to the rise of Isis, we will see here more far right groups and psychopathy, this isn't about racism at all, this is biology and natural selection at work

  9. Nguroa 2 months ago

    And the Typhoon claims another victim. 😀

  10. Michael Mariner 2 months ago

    I hope Russia blows this P.O.S out of the skies for the treasonous Lying actions of The Coward Brit's who lied about Iraq!

  11. Ian P 2 months ago

    I heard the Typhoon was a money pit that was essentially obsolete before it was finished? By the way; all war should be illegal by now. It's been a while since our species came down from the trees and it's high time we stopped this nonsense.

  12. Miele Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I support Assad. So do his people. Do not pay the TV tax.

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