Hurricane Maria slams the Caribbean

  1. I Am 4 weeks ago

    (Isaiah 59:18 KJV) According to their deeds, accordingly he will repay, fury to his adversaries, recompence to his enemies; to the islands he will repay recompence.

  2. Flako WSV SanAnto 4 weeks ago

    End of the World is near!

  3. its HAYl3yy 4 weeks ago

    Stupid Republicans global warming is real 😠😡 i take baths every 5 days just to save water 😡😠 please start caring about our planet

  4. watchgoose 4 weeks ago

    did he really say "there wasn't a huge lack of urgency yesterday"?????

  5. syx syx 4 weeks ago

    this is trumps America.

  6. Austin M 4 weeks ago

    How can so many people be illiterate

  7. ajc713 4 weeks ago

    I was enjoying the video right up til George Steponallofus opened his mouth.

  8. Piotr Lachendro 4 weeks ago

    I wonder how many names will be retired this hurricane season. Harvey and Irma are almost certain. Maria could be a third candidate, and we still have more than enough time for more to come.

  9. Mary Mag 4 weeks ago

    "how" due-you
    solve A-PROblem
    like MarIA?
    I.AM.I.AM.I.AM.RA.!. ⚡

  10. internet mail 4 weeks ago

    IMPORTANT HURRICANE ADVICE TO SHARE. Try to shelter in a concrete brick or stone building. Put Children in Metal bathtubs and protect them with bed mattresses, pillows, duvets, blankets, Put cycle helmets on children, Give children ear plugs, Stay away from glass windows, Store food & water & matches. Remove gas tanks and fuel from your homes, Put important documents and medications in waterproof container. Tye rope to concrete buildings structure and hold on tight. Shelter at opposite end of building to facing wind. Turn off home electricity, gas and water supply. SHARE THIS MESSAGE

  11. grace sentongo 4 weeks ago

    Now hurricane maria meaning hurricane jesus coming soon

  12. juan roberto 4 weeks ago

    (The first cat 5 in the Caribbean) me: ummmmm hurricane irma duuuu

  13. Maryanna Ascher 4 weeks ago

    And not one mention of climate change after this fall of hurricane after hurricane after hurricane. Why?

  14. As the Almighty says, "The allegory of those who take masters beside their Creator is like spider web and her house." that is why those houses are being blown away. Now we have the Scientifically Proven Scripture based on Mathematics the Exact Science. It says if you DO NOT thank your Creator every day for the roof over your head, for your job in order to get His provisions, for your health and protections, and if you do not pay 10% of your earnings to the needy relatives, fatherless children, and homeless people, then DO NOT expect any protection from your Creator, although He has given us enough respites.

  15. Jeffrey Bazan 4 weeks ago

    Oh so is Maria hitting Florida I think we had enough

  16. Micky Odenwalder 4 weeks ago

    Are Puerto Rican EBT cards designed to withstand a Cat 5 hurricane?

  17. UncleSam1776 4 weeks ago

    There were 3 Hurricanes that hit the United States, Texas and Florida. Also in Puerto Rico. There is 1 earthquake in Mexico. Do you believe that these phenomenon are created by governments like USSR, USA, UK and Germany on HAARP?

  18. Michael Greenwood 4 weeks ago

    Hurricane Marior:            At 5AM.00hrs GMT BST, Wednesday 20th September 2017.           The hurricane eye was at Lat.: 17°42'N / Lon.: 64°43'W. Category 1 Huricane. 77mph sustained winds.  Air Pressure 974hPa. Sea Wave swell height 39.9ft.  Wind gusts to 133mph. The Eye is directly over The USA Virgin Isles. 36ft sea wave swells impacting USA Virgin Ises East north and south. Potentially increasing to 40.7ft.

  19. Prayers to all affected 💀💰💸

  20. Sangui 4 weeks ago

    Good excuse for the NWO to keep flooding White Christian America with more useless 3rd Worlders.

  21. Nplos Le 4 weeks ago

    Que viva puelto lico coños

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