Louisiana shooting suspect gets bond on drug charges

  1. Jerry Martinez 1 month ago

    interesting. so if you are white you can get away with murder?

  2. Mtn Pure 1 month ago


  3. Trump The Fraud 1 month ago

    Sounds about white , Wtf is wrong with our country. Racist white shit

  4. Phoenix Chastaine 1 month ago

    Americans: PLEASE stop killing other Americans. Thank you, carry on.

  5. Max Steel 1 month ago

    Pray the person of interest isn't a cop. Because we know cops never get found guilty of killing police.

  6. zigyzigy13 1 month ago

    It's just a white man being a white man just as always.

  7. Mace Windu 1 month ago

    White privilege

  8. loolikyl0005 1 month ago

    "They didn't have enough charges to hold him" !! Yet he is convicted for the killing of two people! My bad! Since the victims are black and the murderer is white nothing new under the sun! 😒😒

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