‘Skyrim VR’ demo: Play test the new ‘Elder Scrolls’ virtual reality game

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Check out the new VR RPG game before it’s release this November.

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  1. glue bagger 4 weeks ago

    you like destiny 2? You ever want to be inside a strike mission? actually INSIDE the game with an actual gun in your hands shooting 20 foot bosses? Get PSVR get Farpoint get AIM. It makes regular games look like kids toys

  2. Angel A 4 weeks ago

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  3. MrUssrparadox 4 weeks ago

    I dont like you gotta move

  4. Desmond DJ DDT Travis 4 weeks ago


  5. Tago Tersey 4 weeks ago

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  6. Shaun McHalffey 4 weeks ago

    WRONG! Skyrim VR is NOT a PlayStation exclusive.

  7. Foolish It 4 weeks ago

    Movement system is trash. Would rather have a joy stick on a controller that makes my character walk front/back/left/right. It kills immersion when you have to aim where you want to walk next. Get a clue vr devs.

  8. The Modz 4 weeks ago

    Why is the movement system like that wtf.

  9. hattyhenben 4 weeks ago

    All I want is the ability to look around in a 3d vr world of Skyrim. Give me my standard controls. No click point movement please.

  10. Navya Medak 4 weeks ago

    what, I love video games

  11. Tago Tersey 4 weeks ago

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  12. Purp Merc 4 weeks ago

    Yeah that movement system seriously breaks immersion. Imagine trying to walk somewhere for 10 minutes straight but instead of looking up and around at all the beautiful sights… you have to keep looking towards where you're going to teleport. Gosh at least give us the option to use a regular controller so we can walk around normally.

  13. TheG.o.a.t Nunez 4 weeks ago

    how yu move looks real shity

  14. Jim Coot 4 weeks ago

    i hope they fix the arrow issue.

  15. Tago Tersey 4 weeks ago

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  16. Hunter Price 4 weeks ago

    How about you just make a new game you fucking morons

  17. Rayan Oliveira 4 weeks ago

    wtf is with this lame ass movement system? rly..feels like you are playing virtual cop or some shit

  18. holdmybeer 4 weeks ago

    The is going to fail big time. Augmented reality is the future of gaming.

  19. bmx7596 4 weeks ago


  20. Wft32540 4 weeks ago

    Hey dummies who didn't watch the video: YOU CAN MOVE REGULARLY IN THE GAME. Only the demo is limited to just teleportation.

    Person who watched the vid and can use Google

  21. Alexander M 4 weeks ago

    Loved the thorough and light hearted exploration of This. This was a much needed interview. Thank you.

  22. Trevor Clasper 4 weeks ago

    Instead of fixing bugs in Skyrim SE that were ported from regular Skyrim they work on this.

  23. ipressedabutton 4 weeks ago

    this brings being a nerd to a whole new level

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