Former President Obama speaks at Gates Foundation event

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Obama will deliver the keynote at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundations’ inaugural “Goalkeepers,” and event “dedicated to accelerating world progress.”

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  1. Doctor Whoo 4 weeks ago

    Gets Nobel Peace prize. Starts dropping 10x the bombs.

  2. Genal Knight 4 weeks ago

    He's a traitor, give Iran some more money as they develop nukes and try to destroy America

  3. Rajiv Na 4 weeks ago

    We miss u !

  4. Guy Wetmore 4 weeks ago

    He is not the president.!! The president is Donald Trump so f*** off

  5. Gail Becker, MS.Ed. 4 weeks ago


  6. Minkah McKay 4 weeks ago

    People claim he did not do anything while in Office there is Legislative branch Executive branch and Judicial branch they literally oppose every thing they could when attempting to pass a bill…F

    For those opposed to climate change, what do you think about 5 Hurricanes at one time? One Hurricane has been out there for three weeks, I am curious.

  7. August Blue 4 weeks ago

    Baraka Obama is bad he what Satan come of the evil sprit.

  8. Angelina Chen 4 weeks ago

    come back

  9. 170324341a 4 weeks ago

    Grab them by the pussy!

  10. Richard Wright 4 weeks ago

    More Obama la to

  11. Obama is related to some kinda satan stuff illuminati yknow

  12. OxiClean 4 weeks ago

    And why should we listen to this fucking asshole? He systematically fucked the healthcare system beyond repair. Globalist fucking scumbag.

  13. Edward Carrere 4 weeks ago


  14. lilwhodyson 4 weeks ago

    it's not like you didn't have 8 years as president to fix any of these issues, obama

  15. Rafael Mendoza 4 weeks ago

    This guy was a terrorist fuck all you with this Miss/Mentor Bullshit

  16. Apachified 4 weeks ago

    Obama is a traitor to this country.

  17. Trazon McMullen 4 weeks ago

    Thank you President Obama for still showing us the positivity in our country. You give us hope! God bless you.

  18. sunofegypt7 4 weeks ago

    no teleprompter here like others use lol what a different way this man articulate a message when others can't sad. what a big difference

  19. Nachimuthu Manickam 4 weeks ago

    An excellent president and a wonderful human being

  20. Kurt Marten 4 weeks ago

    Obama's Legacy is and will always be His Failed Health Care, signed March 23, 2010, and Lets Not forget The Unlawful Signing of the DACA agreement in 2012, the Only reason Obama signed it is for the Hispanic Vote, But wait Obama sent a ransom of $400 million to Tehran, Iran in January 2016 just as four American hostages were released, a planeload of Euros, Swiss Francs and other currencies was only the first of three American cash ransom deliveries to the country, Total of $1.7 Billion to a Terrorist Nation of Iran. Speaking of Iran, How about Obama's disastrous nuclear deal with Iran July of 2015. Who is Sponsoring N. Korea's Nuclear Program? Yes it's Iran…Just a couple of Obama's Failed Administration achievements….

    Good riddance to You Obama, Stay Far…Far away…

  21. Karl Popper 4 weeks ago

    Why this video is so bad in quality? Frustrating!

  22. Barrack's asshole is so gaped from Michelle's nigger dick that his turd logs just drop without any push.

  23. Interested Party 4 weeks ago

    I hope Obama and Hillary find a new, positive purpose in their retirement. It's never easy to leave the limelight but for the good of the country it's the best thing they can do.

  24. burning ghetto 4 weeks ago

    Fake news and a fake president with a fake wife.
    Obama sucks cock.

  25. AB xx 4 weeks ago

    This is what i really missed someone who talks with sense with allot of content something trump regime doesn't have.

    U will never hear a speech or talking about the thoughts behind things like this.

    Try explain that who like an idiot thinking like that trump regime…

    Its the same for kim N-kor, never will seen someone like him the us leader

    thinking about each detail behind every thoughts trying to understand the logic behind things

    But suddenly here comes the trump brainwash people those didn't have same logic like others to know understand what is coming until its to late like right now and see all the evidence they found against trump ,

    . He thinks like kennedy,. Having the guts to do things at that time no one agrees like that part about blacks.and that could be the reason that got him killed.

    I cant understand people who believing in trump don't understand whats missing that guy really need some a peech classes stop repeating moves with his little hands.

    And use sentences explain things not say things with a simple sentence

    When i try make a point things other people cant see or understand suddenly u get all the hate instead being humble try to understand why someone thinking like that and what did he do wrong.

    Trump regime speeches are really annoying with full of baked air with no content

  26. Charles de Gaulle 4 weeks ago

    Obama was a food stamp president. He weakened our military and corrupted police force against black citizens. He is the father of ISIS. He made bad deals with his Muslim fellows at Iran and other Middle East tribes.

  27. ChicagosRome1611 4 weeks ago

    What a disgusting hypocrite.

  28. Young Tang 4 weeks ago

    The problem with all politicians is that they say what people want to hear, not do what people want them to do. Another word or 2 words: lip service. The real meaning of politic is lie and deceive. For example: if you'd agree that lawyers are slime balls, politicians are slime balls on steroid. The American people have elected President Trump was simply for that reason; they couldn't bare another deceitful Hillary.

    That's why Mr. Steve Bannon denounces Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for having the deceitful behavior towards the American people.

  29. GenericName007 4 weeks ago

    Billions of dollars to your name Bill, why is the quality of this video so bad.

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