Law enforcement officials, privacy experts discuss social media at Rutgers Police Institute

  1. Carlos Arias 4 weeks ago

    can't hear you

  2. Carlos Arias 4 weeks ago

    can someone put the volume up

  3. Carlos Arias 4 weeks ago

    was this not addressed when MySpace was popular

  4. Ana Reyes 4 weeks ago

    It's time to update laws to include social media and amend free speech as threats and bullying so this behavior can be stoped!

  5. PersianWoman 4 weeks ago

    I guess the Arab skanks and criminals are now worried they are going to be exposed through social media by free citizens. Up yours. I will expose ur ass, douchebag as long as I can.

  6. 112yrs 4 weeks ago

    I thank God I live in a country whose Constitution GUARANTEES me the RIGHT to Freedom of Speech and the right to PROTECT that RIGHT. If you want somebody telling you what you may and may not say, move to communist China. We'll be glad to be rid of you!

  7. Luis Perez 4 weeks ago

    What they are trying to do is take more of our rights, like recording public servants abusing their jobs, dirty cops, and constitutional rights violations ! Do not let something like this go through. Corruption is getting exposed and those that violate do not like it. The cellphone and accounts are private, but is made public, and what you say on video can be used against you, so watch what you post

  8. Edgar Cardenas 4 weeks ago


  9. Anonymous Hunter 4 weeks ago

    I think it's right and proper for citizens to record the behavior of all law enforcement officers. Predictive arrests or detention or a curtailment of rights should never be used. The NSA has been illegally monitoring civilians for years by collecting META data of every person who uses email or the Internet.

    Case in point a hacker exposed rapists who got away with their crime and instead of the law going after those rapists you arrested the hacker.

    You guys haven't stopped a major incident ever. 9/11 could have been stopped but the data was ignored, why? You guys are just attempting to censor and jail anyone who opposes you or your views!

  10. Anonymous Hunter 4 weeks ago

    Why have you all allowed George Soros to hire and transport thugs to rallies that would have been peaceful to continue to do so?

  11. One Ton Media 4 weeks ago

    That background looks….. not real… almost. Like it was green screened maybe.

  12. Deb Lynn 4 weeks ago

    Thank You So Much☺ For Addressing ALL OF THE TITLED Concerns That You Guys Are Presently Dicussing! Knowing That You Guys Are Trying To Rectify These PROBLEMS! By All Means It ALL Needs To STOP!!!!

  13. Barb N 4 weeks ago

    The ANTICHRIST PAPACY IN THE VATICAN WHO CONTROLS ALL GOVERNMENTS & these pathetic, satanic Jesuit puppet–government employees ARE THE TERRORISTS!! Wake Up, people!

  14. city0166 4 weeks ago

    This is wrong. Yes it's a topic of discussion with many pros and cons but overall this is wrong.

  15. city0166 4 weeks ago

    So they would make an argument stating that a small group of people are using social media for criminal activity. Based on this way of thinking, EVERYONE should be monitored now? Civil liberties and freedom of speech taken advantage of While still not solving the issue of crime. Instead there would be a new tool to that would assist in prosecuting people.

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