More than 200 dead after earthquake strikes Mexico

  1. Leslie Lacqurico 4 weeks ago

    My heart aches.. for my brothers and sisters.

  2. Gloria Bruce 4 weeks ago

    Pray for earth

  3. Angelu Escontriasi 4 weeks ago

    Nature is testing our humanity.

  4. S&S T.V. 4 weeks ago

    See my

  5. killafocker 4 weeks ago

    Fucking beaners

  6. Tony Cole 4 weeks ago

    It was God's will
    Don't question it
    Praise him

  7. killafocker 4 weeks ago

    Are you not entertained

  8. Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ 4 weeks ago

    Isn't that horrible? Earthquakes, Hurricanes and tornados….
    It's always nice to see the media reporring on the news for a change, instead of discussing President Trumps eating or walking habits.

  9. Marie Robinson 4 weeks ago

    May God be with us all!!

  10. pumps0333 4 weeks ago


  11. jenny jenny 4 weeks ago

    Where is Trump? Trump have not twitted on Mexico 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Unbelievable

  12. Marcos Juarez 4 weeks ago

    An earthquake in Mexico is God's punishment to Donald Trump for rhetoric after he said, "Oh, Mexico is spending dope pushers and rapists. They don't speak our language. They are taking our jobs away. We will build a wall to keep them out of America." The earthquake in Mexico is God's punishment to Trump and all of his schizophrenic supporters because they cannot get away with their prejudice towards the Mexicans.

  13. chiedozie igweonu 4 weeks ago

    My heart goes out to you guys! God be with you.

  14. Sherry Roach Bennett 4 weeks ago

    Here's a thought. Every time North Korea launches missels into the ocean by Japan Earthquakes and Hurricanes happen…

  15. Angel Aguilar 4 weeks ago

    In 2017 there is now technology to detect earthqakes I think, so this is not acceptable. The government let it happen I think.

  16. Phyllis Arringtion 4 weeks ago

    guess they wont be building the wall.

  17. GoldMan 4 weeks ago

    The debate between Zakir Hussain and Dr James White is absolutely amazing..Zakir Hussain beautifully explains that Prophet Jesus PBUH was not crucified….

  18. GoldMan 4 weeks ago

    Rabbana wa laa tuhamil naa ma laa ta qata lana bihi wa fu anna wa agfir lana warhamnaa anta mawlana fansurna alal qawmil kaafireen….

  19. Edgar Bikermas 4 weeks ago

    WATER…LUPE…….excuse me Guadalupe that so called virgin lady its honored over there in Mexico,in reality that bitch is the Devil dreesed as a woman fooling the already superstitious Mexican people…and that ist the punishment they got.Or some shit like that.
    (soooryy for me bad english grammar)

  20. cupcakeyancigamer 4 weeks ago

    Pray guys and i hope my cousin didn't die

  21. PyroTastic 21 4 weeks ago

    Dam North Koreans testing nukes

  22. Emilio Carrillo 4 weeks ago

    Its kind of sad that people discuss stupid things such as trump not saying anything or that the technology exist to dectect sismic activity and a whole bunch of stupid coments im a Mexican( City of México), American(Texas) lived in both countries and both have their faults but looking at the big picture here where naviour countries whe should look out for each other when katrina hit México sent its marines and their very best military field medics with suplies for those in need we dont expect the same in this event, its not funy to look how your naviours home falls to the floor to bits i saw children yelling, begging to be saved parents helplesly looking for their kids burried under tons of concrete ,with the hope their kids are still alive , to this very moment i've yet have to help find My missing friends and help those un need if anybody feels like giving me shit for any of this its easy to write hurtfull coments behind a screen but let this happen to you how would you feel and for those picky persons i might of missed some spelling

  23. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and he was buried and he rose again the third day according to the BIBLE Scriptures written and found in the gospel Matthew Mark Luke and always remember John Chapter 3 verse 16 through 21 and Hebrews Chapter 1 verse 1

  24. 217 less rapists and drug dealers!

  25. Charles de Gaulle 4 weeks ago

    It would have been cheaper to build the wall. And pay for it.

  26. James Smith 4 weeks ago


  27. zigyzigy13 4 weeks ago

    FACT: Just like the weather, the whites have the technology to "create" an earthquake.
    Look up this word. HAARP.

  28. Robert Bob 4 weeks ago

    That is 200 people Wes breaking into America in selling drugs to 40,000 children here. That's how I look at it getting sick of Mexican drug cartel and hopefully this killed many of the drug cartel. It is God's answer

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