Island of Puerto Rico ‘destroyed’ by Hurricane Maria

  1. cool I love devastation:)

  2. Danny Abaldo 4 weeks ago

    almost no one covering as MRBB333 and the weather channel about the area under as much as 80FT of water a hospital, church, many houses no one talking of that area why?
    up to 80 FT of water, all the place is without power 100% this is what it will look like in say 3 days in the USA if its a power down by the grid or an EMP 3 days and all hell breaks loose, so watch and see what will be coming to the USA sometime.

  3. Cinematograffiti 4 weeks ago

    “No one is out here!”
    Cars start coming their way

  4. K Family 4 weeks ago


  5. justice4all 4 weeks ago

    Heart wrenching

  6. GoldMan 4 weeks ago

    Rabbana wa laa tuhamil naa ma laa ta qata lana bihi wa fu anna wa agfir lana warhamnaa anta mawlana fansurna alal qawmil kaafireen…..

  7. GoldMan 4 weeks ago

    Kaaba is the Qibla i.e. the direction Muslims face during their prayers. It is important to note that though Muslims face the Kaaba during prayers, they do not worship the Kaaba. Muslims worship and bow to none but Allah.


    It is mentioned in Surah Baqarah:


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    [Al-Qur’an 2:144]


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  8. GoldMan 4 weeks ago

    The debate between Zakir Hussain and Dr James White is absolutely amazing…

  9. CoolWater King 4 weeks ago

    thoughts & prayer to everyone going thru the struggle…keep ya head …peace out New Jersey in the house

  10. xThumxblr 4 weeks ago

    Oh my god my friend just went their..

  11. killafocker 4 weeks ago


  12. Flying Spacerock 4 weeks ago

    weather modification. White People are EVIL!

  13. LEAN BRACELET 4 weeks ago

    No No please I want my brother to live I don't want him to died I haven't met him if i don't my life is out stake

  14. Name Password 4 weeks ago

    Puerto Rico is getting destroyed like CIA's ISIS in Syria by the Russians.

  15. Pedro Kantor 4 weeks ago

    You're a cunt Maria.

  16. Shamila Dagavou 4 weeks ago

    is it just me but why does the anchor dude remind of prince eric from little mermaid and also #pray4portorico

  17. Balling Like I'm Tobe 4 weeks ago

    Financially they already screwed too

  18. VOOODOOO 4 weeks ago

    George Snuffleufogus is sure old now

  19. Miami Lash 4 weeks ago

    Praying to all of them. I pray for our country us won't get hit by this storm. We had more than enough this year

  20. ryan350 4 weeks ago

    Do they want to be a state NOW?

  21. 172 Young 4 weeks ago

    Harvey, Irma, Katia, Jose, Maria, Lee what the hell is going on!!! All in two months! I wonder how many Typhoons and Cyclones are hitting Asia and Oceania!

  22. Ruth Hersh 4 weeks ago

    GD bless everyone in Puerto Rico!

  23. miguel angel 4 weeks ago

    Not even god can save us

  24. zigyzigy13 4 weeks ago

    Fun Fact: The "whites" have a technology to manipulate the weather. It is called HAARP.

  25. Yvette Maldonado 4 weeks ago

    God bless you and keep you safe

  26. Nolan Dyce 4 weeks ago

    Um Rico got it lucky U wouldn't have want it to be a cat 5/6 Irma with 185 winds

  27. Manny Lasso 4 weeks ago

    All I can’t think about is all the poor animals left out in the streets 😕

  28. Olivia Rivera 4 weeks ago

    I'm so worry about my family in Puerto Rico!!!!!!!!!! I don't want anything happened to nobody!!!!!!

  29. Orbit daGod 4 weeks ago

    PRAY FOR MY FAMILY they are still in Puerto Rico🇵🇷

  30. Restless Native 4 weeks ago

    there is something sad, and unnatural seeing suffering indigenous people praying to jesus.

  31. Kevin is Nice 4 weeks ago

    Pr lucky it's a usa territory

  32. Michael Nelson 4 weeks ago

    Jesus Christ loves us. he wants us to be saved! pleaae accept him into your lives. He died for are sins and rose from the dead on the 3rd day. Jesus Christ is Lord.
    Be safe everybody God Bless 💖

  33. Neptune roaming 4 weeks ago

    fake news

  34. Amachetay Cybo 4 weeks ago

    i want a hurricane cock where u at faggbro i NEED COCK FUCK MY ASSHOLE

  35. Lostin Mia 4 weeks ago

    God help these people get through this!! We in Miami dodged a bullet and thank God for that! I was ready with the Grace of God!

  36. latinoheatariel 4 weeks ago

    Sad i have family there. Its been a mean huricane season for the caribbean.

  37. 1 Bad Jesus 4 weeks ago

    I get the network news rule of: "If it bleeds it leads" especially considering initial reports, but does it help morale (i.e. HOPE) sayin a whole country is "Destroyed" based on the words of one citizen official?? we're in the first day of it…let's wait and see what is left/untouched/alive/perished BEFORE "absolutes" like "Island IS destroyed" are given to the population BEFORE we have full grasp! If the country is indeed 100% without power.. it won't get turned on overnight..nor possibly the next 2 or 3…but The Puerto Rican Govt and it's Big Brother SAM will move HEAVEN AND HELL if we must to flip that switch and help wherever possible!

    All these people have is HOPE..
    …to my knowledge there's only ONE place where "Hope is Abandoned before you Enter" and despite what it seems..Puerto Rico AIN'T IT!
    So Keep your head up Puerto Rico!! HOPE is already on the way…
    … and if your House IS currently DOWN, it's just waitin to be put back UP!

  38. MerK Razor 4 weeks ago

    This shit ain't no coincidence 😂

  39. Yo Obvious 4 weeks ago

    the fuck like every house in pr is cement and meant to stop tropical storms. How many people build houses for a cat5? aint nobody got time for that bru

  40. Billy Villarreal 4 weeks ago


  41. Stephen J Stevenson 4 weeks ago

    Prayers for Puerto Rico.

  42. willy p. 4 weeks ago

    Lets pray for all the people in Puerto Rico. I hope all the millonarie singers from Puerto Rico give something to help all this people. We need trump to get in this matter too. Puerto Rico should be back up in no time.

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